Our Mission

PFLAG is committed to advancing equality and full societal affirmation of LGBTQ people through its threefold mission of support, education, and advocacy. At PFLAG Hampton, we offer...


PFLAG Hampton hosts monthly meetings from our location at the Hampton Community Center for parents, family, allies of LGBTQ people, and LGBTQ people themselves. We have a lending library available of literature, and most importantly, we offer comfort and resources: For those coming out, for those struggling with a family member or friend coming out, and for those who want to know more.


One of our major goals is to work to dispel misconceptions and misinformation in society about LGBTQ people, and to inform and educate others about the particular needs and challenges they face. In addition to our lending library, we are engaged in events in our area, such as the annual True Colors at the University of Connecticut, to help educate ourselves and others.


Nationwide, PFLAG has been an important part in conversations with lawmakers about LGBTQ people and rights, and work for equality in schools, the workplace, housing, and in medical care. On a grassroots level, we can be found at the Third Thursday street festival in Willimantic, Connecticut, and in other community spaces and gatherings.